About Staplehawk, LLC

I have extensive experience in art and film, for over 20 years. I've worked on documentaries, feature length movies, weddings, commercials, Real Estate, Inspection and even Search and Rescue (Hurricane Harvey). You can see my work on Netflix, PBS and online in many places. As an artist, I always look for that cinematic edge for any occasion. Now with UAV's (drones) we have a new tool for the artistic toolkit and for data collection. Lets make your project epic!



Wounded Warriors fundraiser with Starwood Jeeps


WTF Party Bus Commercial: Austin, TX


Stone House Villas, Bali, Indonesia

Lower Colorado flooding through Austin, TX. Cinematic survey of Lake Austin Dam.

Austin Tour Co Advertisment

Real Estate: Large Texas Ranch

Real Estate: Pfluegerville, TX


Mt Bonnell Marriage proposal

Mirasol Golf Course Preview

Indonesian Driver Promotional video

Portrait of an Artist: Laurie Snow Hein

Boating and Watersports