About Spero Labs, LLC

Spero Aerials is a division of Spero Labs, located in Austin, TX. Our mission is to create incredible aerial imagery for many use cases. We serve clients in the film industry, real estate, construction, agriculture, 2D/3D mapping, and inspection.

We operate under the FAA’s Part 107 flight rules for commercial flight and are fully insured for UAV operations.

We believe in providing the highest quality aerial services, backed by the best technology available in the industry. We fly and maintain a fleet of DJI Drones and use cutting edge software and tools to capture client projects.

Nothing is more critical than safety in our operations. Our pilots are trained and certified to recognize and avoid hazards in the air and on the ground below. We can fly almost anywhere and are able to obtain clearance in most restricted airspace (areas around airports, critical infrastructure, etc)

We are constantly surprised by the creativity of requests we receive. We love tackling new challenges, so tell us more about your projects!

Aerial Cinematography
Aerial Fine Art Photography
Real Estate Photography
Inspection Services
Roof Repair Surveys
2D Mapping
3D Mapping
Search & Rescue
Disaster Survey
Asset Management
Forensic Surveys & Reconstructions
Civil Services


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