About Space Coast Video Productions

Space Coast Video Productions has been in the Space Coast of Florida for 2 years. We have started with just doing a lot of community service with our company believe it or not. We love to give back to our community and have worked with the city of Titusville on multiple projects.

Our biggest passion is telling stories! We do this in all kinds of ways, such as testimonials, or showing progress of a medical building being built. We have worked with Rush Construction Inc. here in Florida and they can probably speak for us when we say we do great work for a competitive price. Other work we have done is worked with multiple realtors.

*We can get work back to you and in your hands within 24 hours after the project has been completed (Depending on how big the project*)*

We charge typically by hourly rate and then sometimes we charge a flat rate meaning this includes travel and post-production fees.



Construction Documenting/Surveying

Selling A Home?

Need To Get The Word Out?


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