About SkyView Drone Solutions

I established this business with a vision of providing flexible, innovative, and inexpensive solutions to aerial imaging by use of an unmanned air vehicle. The drone I fly today is a DJI Phantom 4 quad copter that has a 20 mm camera lens and 4K video capability.

I also have thermal imaging capability for roof and solar panel inspections. Thermal images identify areas on a roof where heat is escaping, which helps determine whether a roof needs attention. Thermal imaging also determines whether there are defects in your solar panels by identifying hot spots.

Whether you are selling your home, business, or farm and need aerial pictures and video or you want aerial images of your construction site to see the progress, I can provide the aerial solutions. I also take photographs of roofs to avoid having to climb up dangerous ladders for an inspection. For farmers, I can take aerial images of crops to monitor field conditions.

Whatever your aerial need may be, give me a call today for a quote. With over 17 years of customer service experience, I would be happy to provide you drone based solutions from a different view; SkyView!

- Jeff Knipper


Skyview Cedar Rapids, Iowa