About Sierra Aeriform

We at Sierra Aeriform have the ability to give new visual perspective to properties and structures and sporting events. We capture aerial still and video images from nearly every conceivable angle and appropriate legal altitude. Utilizing a combined pilot and camera sensor operator, we can deliver HiDef 4K video and HiRes stills. These images come to life when we add motion through horizontal and vertical pans, diagonal lifts, fly overs, fly-in and fly-away views. Our professional post production video editing turns ordinary imagery into short presentations of art and music.

We often work with realtors on high end properties, with municipal government to monitor construction projects, perform aerial mapping and 3D imagery for engineering firms as well as covering sporting events. We are constantly looking for new business solutions that cannot be cost effectively achieved any other way.

We have found that a high end professional drone is much more cost effective, safer and more purposed than an airplane with a photographer. Safety is a high priority to us and we won’t compromise safety to capture an image. We also respect the privacy of surrounding properties and we work diligently to not be an offense to them.


Mountain Top Real Estate Shoot

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