About SEAWOLF skypix

As a kid, I've always enjoyed photography. When I was 10 I got a camera for Christmas, and the rest was history. I took every picture I could think of, and spent every dollar I earned buying film. I was hooked and I got really good. I was having a blast capturing picturesque sceneries, bugs and animals, people doing anything, etc.......I enjoyed every second of it. As I got older I got into flying RC planes. Next to photography, this was my favorite hobby. And just like photography, I was good. When drones with cameras were made available to the public, it was, to me, a match made in heaven.

Making something out of nothing is a challenge I embrace, and seeing the smiles I put on people's faces makes it all the more worthwhile. I've spent so much hours flying/filming for friends and their friends, that my wife suggested that I should get paid for it. And just like that, SEAWOLF skypix was born. SEAWOLF is short for Sebastian and Wolfgang (my sons), and they, along with my beautiful wife, are essential part of this company, as well as the source of my idea and inspiration


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