About OldGuard

I am newly certified and already out and about building experience. I passed my SUAS test with a 98% and purchased a broken DJI Phantom 3 Standard from craigslist which I disassembled, diagnosed, and repaired myself, though, I currently fly a Mavic Pro. Hard work has never been a deterrent, as my full time job is as a Ramp Lead, Ground Support Coordinator, and Weight and Balance Load Planner for the UPS, Amazon, and Cathay Pacific cargo aircraft contracts at Portland Airport, where I spend at least 60 hours a week. My hopes for this passion is to help supplement my income, free up time to spend with my family, and do what I love to do while helping people with their ambitions. In time, I will add more of my experience and hope to start working with like minded individuals on this site! -Thank you, Ryan Khatibi


Our first flight

96 frames per second high definition. My 4th video