About Zevi Rubin

I am a Software and sUAS Engineer interested in the nexus of cutting-edge electronics and mechanical devices. I have been building multirotors on my own and in makerspaces for the last five years and am excited to see how this technology can make the world a better place. With more than five years of drone design and engineering, a related degree, and extensive photography, mapping, and aerial modeling experience I am prepared for a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicle applications.

My commercial aircraft experience includes but is not limited to the following aircraft's:
Firefly 6 Pro, Lockheed Martin Indago, Lockheed Martin Desert Hawk, DJI S1000/S900, DJI Phantom 3/4, DJI f550/f450, 3DR Solo, as well as countless Pixhawk and cleanflight/betaflight configured aircraft. My latest passion is the quad-plane fusion of VTOL capability in a fixed wing aircraft.


Aerial Tilt Shift Garden in 4K - Buxton Maine

Aerial Upstate New York Fall Edit 2016

Aerial Photogrammetry Garden Agricultural Multispectral Model

DJI Phantom 3 4K edition unboxing and setup

DJI + DKE phantom custom build - 10KG thrust custom drone

Uber U180 Full Build Video Timelapse - 4s Uber Race Drone

Orion 155x Build Timelapse - 4" FPV Race Quad

MRM Scythe FPV drone Timelapse Build


3D Aerial Model Rendering

RotorX Racing Atom V2 Winter FPV Session with the boys!