About Aerial Indiana

Here at Aerial Indiana we operate within the guidelines set forth by the FAA. Our photographers have their FAA Pilot’s Certificates as well as FAA (Part107) Remote Pilot Certificates. All UAV (drones) are registered with the FAA. We carry $1mil aerial liability insurance.
We developed the concept for aerial crop scouting while working in the seed industry. At that time, we were performing NDVI analysis in research plots from the ground. The NDVI analysis allowed us to identify early season stressors in different corn hybrids and many other cultivar. With a bird’s eye view we could uncover problems in the field on a much larger scale, and while there was still time to make a management decision. Our passion to help growers in Indiana has spread to helping producers world-wide, allowing them to increase their productivity.


Real Estate Aerial Example

Planting 2016


Wake Skate Aerial

Columbarium at Lutheran Church