About Michigan Drone Services

Who we are:
We are Michigan based, T.S.A. vetted, FAA part 107 certified sUAS (drone) pilots for aerial filming and photography. We have flying cameras that produce high quality, 4K video with live video feeds* to external monitors via HDMI. Saved flight plans/paths possible for repetitive, aerial-to-ground scanning.

What we do:
- photo and video of homes, business, and property (great to show off that new home or business.)
- topography mapping for construction to collect on-site inventory, volumetric data (aggregate, dirt, etc.), and safety
- topography mapping for farmers (water distribution, plant health, aerial property survey). Typically accurate to +/- .1ft
- inspections for roofs, towers, and hard to reach areas without the use of ladders
- inspect, film, and photograph disaster relief areas for insurance claims.
- video services for public and private events
- aerial search (to assist rescue) for non-profit organizations
- help those in assisted living feel what flight is all about using 3D V.R. technology (*coming soon*)
Let us help you realize your vision!

Packages available. Discounts available.
Privacy ensured*. We are Insured*.
*video editing services available.

Contact us through any of the major social media platforms.
Light machining and fabrication services available.

Michigan Drone Services, LLC.
(*restrictions apply, contact us for details)



Cinematic/Landscape demo reel - Michigan Drone Services, LLC


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