About Menet Aero, Inc.

Our team is comprised of military trained UAS operators, current and former military helicopter pilots, FAA licensed private and commercial pilots, and UAS technology experts.

The potential commercial applications for UAS are seemingly limitless; however, the technology is still in its infancy. Although they are fun to fly recreationally, employing UAS safely and effectively as a business tool requires a great deal of skill, specialized expertise, and understanding of FAA rules and regulations. Our clients are those who value working with experts. They want to leverage UAS but don’t want to commit resources to standing up a flight department.

We are committed to cutting through the hype flooding the UAS marketplace and offering our clients viable solutions that can deliver accurate, actionable data that they can trust. Whether it involves cost effective aerial photography or high precision survey operations, Menet Aero wants to be the premier provider of unmanned services in the United States.

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