About J3 Skyview LLC

Being a pilot for a US Major Airline has its perks, but after 20+ years of commercial aviation, nothing is more exciting than combining my love of photography with piloting unmanned aircraft. In my airline career, I've flown aircraft that weigh over 200,000 pounds and flown into some of the most challenging airports around. I've also worked on a Safety Committee and volunteered on an Accident Investigation team.

I've also worked for 15 years in communications and strategic planning. I've been the guy both behind and in front of the camera and have given interviews to both local and national radio and television stations.

As a Remote Pilot, I've been able to combine my craft with my hobby. Having learned photography in the film days, I learned very quickly that you've got one chance to get the shot right. While software advances have left the film industry behind, you can't fix poor composition with a computer. Attention to detail, light and color will always give you the best results.


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