About Hover Solutions, LLC

Hover Solutions is family-owned and operated out of Rockville, Maryland, and serves Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and beyond. We've provided clients with cinematic aerial video, maps, contour lines, 3D and 4D models, and photography. We've done work for wildlife reserves, quarries, construction companies, bridge builders, farmers, real estate agents, developers, filmmakers, and more.

Let our certified UAV and manned-aircraft pilots help you study and pass the Part 107 exam to become a certified drone pilot, or just help you build your skill set and hone your craft with time-building and training exercises.

Contact us to let our experienced pilots assess your needs and help you get what you want while staying within your budget. We're always looking to build partnerships and long-term relationships with our clients.

Hover Solutions, LLC, retains the copyright, by default, to all images collected for clients for hire unless otherwise requested. We will grant exclusive or non-exclusive licensing rights to our clients depending on their needs. Additional charges may apply if our clients require a full transfer of copyright.


Hover Solutions 2016 Cinematic Demo Reel

The Brighton Dam Azalea Garden

The Shrine of St. Anthony in Ellicott City - HD Drone Video | Hover Solutions, LLC

Frederick, Maryland - Carroll Canal and Baker Park | Hover Solutions, LLC

"Day in the Life" at Ocean View Beach Club

Hover Solutions, LLC 2017 Promo Reel