About Hover Solutions, LLC

Hover Solutions was founded in 2015 by two people who love to fly drones. For over a year, we worked hard to gather experience, equipment, credentials, licenses, and legal prerequisites to provide professional, legal, and high-quality aerial photographs and videos to our clients. We've helped small businesses film commercials, assembled promotional clips for events, taught in classrooms, lectured at expositions, and filmed wild animals for wild game preserves. Let us provide the solution to your aerial needs using our fleet of drones. Besides pictures and video, we offer 3D photogrammetry, NDVI analysis, mapping/orthomosaics, and real-time streaming telemetry.


Hover Solutions 2016 Demo Reel


Promo - West African Wildlife Preserve

Virtual Flighthrough of 3D Terrain Rendering

Hover Solutions 2016 Cinematic Demo Reel