About Got Aerial llc

PILOT. BILL CLARY (14yrs Commercial Experience)
FAA EXEMPT - Motion Picture/TV/Data Collection
LOCAL 600 Union Member - Drone Director of Photography
SUAS/UAS/UAV aka "DRONE" Operation - Started designing, building and flying in 1997 (U.S. Army) and have 4,500 flight hours
Private Pilot License (Single Engine) - Flying since 1999, Current as of Jan 2015 / Class III Medical Current as of Jan 2015
1996-2000 US ARMY 82nd Airborne 3/325 Airborne Infantry Regiment, 11C2P
Mechanical Engineering
UAV Power System Development and Management
SUAS Sr. Airframe Development
Published Photo Journalist


BEAUTIFUL Waterfall and Rapids


People are AMAZING, Drone Style