About Droning Around LLC

Breathtaking Aerial Services For Visionaries

Drone Aerial Services revolutionizes the way Visionaries do business.

Beyond capturing breathtaking views of real-estate, resorts, golf courses and weddings. Use Drone Aerial Services for marketing products and services, for commercial inspections, time-lapse construction, infrared and thermal imaging, in agriculture for fertilization, search & rescue, mining, mapping, 3D modeling, public and private events. The possibilities are endless! How about delivery services? Have you heard about Amazon Prime Air?

Each vetted professional Drone (UAV) pilot is FAA Part 107 Certified and Fully~Insured. Our pilots are available for your projects in all 50 states and willing to fly anywhere in the world you need them.

Do you have a unique idea you wish to develop? Let’s make it possible by making your best work your next work! Call us today to discuss it!

Our highly experienced pilots fly missions for:

Aerial Services Professional
Real Estate
Lawyers & Private Investigators
Law Enforcement
Emergency Search & Rescue
News & Traffic Reporting
Aerial Services Commercial

Utility Companies
Construction Projects
Inspections & Data Gathering
Farming & Agriculture
Natural Disasters
Thermal & Infrared Imaging
Aerial Services Public & Private

Special Events
Golf Courses
Resorts & Hotel
Sporting & Media Events
Custom Aerial Filmography

And much, much more! There is no Mission or Project too Big or Small our Droning Around Pilots cannot perform.


Drone Finds Missing Cows, Hampton, NJ