About Drone Factor, Inc

Drone Factor provides our clients with quality video and still Aerial Photography services by FAA Licensed Pilots, FAA sUAS (Small Unmanned Air Systems) Licensed Pilots. We are fully custom insured for each individual job and time in the air. We specialize in aerial photography services for Special Events, Real Estate Professionals, Land Surveyors, Private Investigators, Insurance Company inspections and Investigations, Building Construction Trades site and progress inspections, Ranches/Farms animal count and crop surveys and condition, Attorneys needing documentation and confirmation services and individuals needing these services for personal reasons..

Individualized Rate Quotes vary according to job difficulty, description, travel, staff needs, required aerial photographic needs, special permissions waiver needs, editing and storage required. Base rates for single flight in standard services travel area, minimum package/cloud storage and footage you edit is $165.00 per hour plus extras you add.

Our drone equipment is state of the art GPS guided with built in collision avoidance sonars, cameras and sensors to provide the safest services possible. Crisp 4k video and and up to 12MP stills are clear and easily adapted to video or still ads or evidence.

Drone Factor, Inc. pilots can obtain documented photographic evidence and information that is dated and timed with GPS co-ordinates and access areas off limits by land without the necessity of a warrant. All flights are conducted in FAA permitted areas or we apply for a flight special waiver from the FAA to complete your task.

Our standard services area is the Florida West Coast from Tallahassee to Naples (See Http://www.dronefactorUSA.com for standard service area map). Call 727-580-0012 for a quote today. Thank you, Gigi


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