About Aerial 365

Aerial 365 is a full service media production company specializing in aerial and ground based photography and videography services.
Utilizing state of the art equipment we pride ourselves on the quality and personalization we bring to each project whether it's real estate, commercial photography, event photography, portraits, or producing quality marketing collateral.

We're passionate about what we do and we aim to be a "one stop shop" capable of providing clients with everything from raw footage to polished and edited final videos and photos.

We are a FAA certified to operate drones commercially (Part 107) and we carry liability insurance.

I have been an entrepreneur, innovator, and small business owner my entire adult life. In 2010 I purchased my first "real" camera to take product photos for an existing eBay and Amazon.com business of mine. I am entirely self-taught having struggled through the basics of exposure and composition through to more advanced levels.

In 2015 I purchased my first drone, or aerial camera, and immediately saw the potential in this new and growing industry. Aerial 365 was founded later that year to provide aerial photography and cinematography services 365 days a year both in the air and on the ground.


Aerial 365 - 2017 Demo Reel