About ConnexiCore LLC

ConnexiCore Cloud™ is a unique Enterprise Drone Flight Services Provider and Consulting firm. Backed by over 20 years of traditional IT and telecommunications experience ConnexiCore provides and packages a wide array of drone services utilizing a cloud delivery platform for our pilot network and clients around the United States making the engagement process seamless and extremely easy to deploy. Our Drone Flight Services areas of expertise include:
- Commercial & Residential Real Estate (Aerial Imagery/Aerial Videography/ and Combined)
- Special Events/Marketing/Advertising/Weddings (Aerial Imagery/Aerial Videography/ and Combined w/Post Process Editing)
- Architectural Engineering and Construction (Progress monitoring, Photogrammetry, Earthwork Volumetrics & 3D Modeling)
- Commercial & Residential Inspections (Aerial Imagery/Aerial Videography/ and Combined)
- Agriculture and Farming (Crop Scouting Analysis, Thermal Imaging NDVIA)

Unlike other Drone Providers, ConnexiCore further differentiates our value proposition and augmenting our drone program by providing additional unified communication cloud services further improving our client’s workflows, voice & video collaboration capabilities, hosted voice, contact center, and business continuity requirements. This vast and in-depth portfolio of unified communication services (UCaaS) creates a federated offering for our drone clients who are looking for a turn-key solution and single point-of-contact. for all their communications needs.


Drones for Wind Turbine Inspection

Drones for Industrial Construction

Drones for Real Estate

Drones for Solar Panel Farm Inspection