About Candid Sky Productions

John McGrath CEO has a wide and varied knowledge base in all subjects remote control and production. John started shooting photo/video back in 1992. He also has spent many years in sales and realizes that good relationships are very important to running any business big or small. An internationally published photographer, director and producer of aviation action dvds, I.T. professional, FAA licensed part 107 UAV pilot, 30 years remote control flying experience, motorcycle nut, glider pilot and a love for anything aviation. John’s passion is being a perfectionist. Bringing his photo/video, and production expertise to his company. He tirelessly strives to be the best at everything he does. http://www.candidskyproductions.com

NOTE: I will not fly in unauthorized airspace. If I don't a waiver or you don't have one please do not ask me to fly or offer larger money to do so I will not. My name and business is worth more than sneaking a flight under the radar a time or two to make an extra buck. And if you hire a hobbyist or unauthorized commercial op to do so you are breaking federal law.


A River in the Desert

Autumn in Nevada

Mining Claim Video Fly Over

Lake Tahoe

You Tube Series Internet Gold Miner