About GAS (Gilmore Aviation Services)

I have been a flight instructor for many years and last year I purchased a DJI Mavic Pro. It was the perfect fit for me as both a professional pilot and aviation photographer. I have flown the Mavic Pro for several local projects that included doing filming and shooting stills of historic buildings and locations. Some of these photos have been sold and percentage of the project I have been donating to the historical society. I had these printed on canvas from a service bureau I have a commercial account with.

Recently I was issued a COA Waiver from the FAA and received an unlock code from DJI for the Class D Airspace around my home. It is effective until June of 2018. This allows me to fly within the confines of the FAA drone mapping of KSUA Airspace following all the regulations outlined in the COA. My website is www.stuartjets.com.


House of Refuge Stuart, Florida