About B&C Aerial Solutions

B&C Aerials main focus is in the construction and development industry, however, our services are useful for wind farm inspections, roof inspection, general contracting, promotional videos, marketing videos, and more. No site is too large or small for us. Our prices are very competitive and a member of our team can usually give you a quote within just a few minutes. We love helping realtors, developers, marketers, and businesses get a better look on their projects. Our job is to set you apart from your competition. Most importantly though, our job is to keep your projects safe. Because we are dedicated to safety around what means most to you, all of our unmanned systems are flown by individuals who are also FAA certified private pilots or higher in ratings.

For more photos of our work head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages, or visit us online at www.indybcaerials.com. Our team is ready assist you with all of your aerial photography and videography needs.

Notice* We are available for contracting in the following states for additional fees.

Illinois, Ohio, Missuri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Iowa.

Notice* License and Certificate Documentation provided upon request to protect the privacy of pilots and operators.


Revolutionizing Persepctives

Lucas Oil Raceway Promo

ISU Football Stadium Phantom 4 Pro