About Clear Skies Aerial Images, LLC

We specialize in providing custom, on-demand aerial images that meet each client's unique requirements, focused primarily on commercial/residential real estate, general marketing, construction progress, project site assessment/planning/development, and insurance/legal documentation. With over 15 years of professional aviation experience and 6 years in professional aerial photography, Clear Skies Aerial Images has the experience to operate safely and the skills to generate images that add powerful visual impact to your property or project.

We work closely with our customers to determine the distinct qualities of each target site so that we capture and deliver the aerial images that highlight the features you desire. Once we consult with you about your goals for the aerial image mission, we plan the flight within the limits of all relevant FAA regulations to safely and efficiently collect the images you need. We then complete the mission flight on the next available day with acceptable weather conditions.

Our high-quality digital aerial images are perfect as:

• Powerful marketing and advertising tools
• Indispensable aids to site selection, assessment, or planning
• Priceless records of site history or construction progress
• Irrefutable insurance or legal support documentation
• Impressive exhibits of significant projects or treasured property
• Unforgettable gifts

Visit us at www.clearskiesaerial.com to learn more!


Abandoned Railway Bridges, Maumee River, Ohio

Kreider Commons, Lebanon, PA

Parrish Greene, Estill, SC