About Asheville Sky Media

Aerial Video and Photo
Realty Sales – Stunning photography angles to promote the entire property in one shot.
Realty Appraisers – Easy access to remote and gated areas for accurate appraising.
Outdoor Events – Capture attention with amazing flyovers and Live Event Streaming to Facebook.
Surveying – Easily overview a large properties boundaries and amenities status.
Developers – Lot surveying and project visualization.

AVLSkyMedia has teamed up with some of Asheville’s best video producers to shoot video of commercial and residential properties from the inside out. With our professional drones and experienced pilots, we shoot photos and videos from low altitudes that provide fantastic points of view. Combine these videos with traditional aerials and photos from ground-level and the elevated camera for complete coverage of your property. Let us “wow” your clients and make you look great by telling your story with a professional marketing video.
AVLSkyMedia has FAA clearance to fly a drone commercially with an insurance policy.


AVL Sky Media

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