About Soaring Footage

Now with a branch in Dallas, TX!

Soaring Footage offers a full range of Unmanned Aerial System or Drone services. From small residential and personal projects such as weddings and small events, to large scale Construction and Real Estate operations.

Soaring Footage has two licensed, experienced sUAS pilots who have thousands of hours operating drones. Our chief pilot is also a licensed Private Pilot with experiencing flying in the United States controlled airspace system. He brings a thorough understanding of the Airspace system which is necessary to operate throughout the Des Moines Area and other controlled airspace environments.

Soaring Footage can offer; 3D mapping, Volumetric and area measurements, Mapping, Progress photos (Time lapse), Inspections and much more. We focus on safely and efficiently providing the best services possible at the lowest possible cost. Pricing will vary per project, so please contact us to get a quote.


Boulders Inn, Polk City

Polk City Iowa