About Aerial Sights

We focus on 3 primary areas, but in no way are these limitations. If you have an idea or have a specific job that requires a uniqe approach, contact us and we can find a solution. As well, the prices listed are very general as location/documentation/waivers will adjust the price.

We like capturing the excitement on peoples faces as they play around in their favorite setting. Our most recent project included a movie, Reel Happiness, when we followed female fly fisher ladies around SE Alaska to observe them in their favorite habitat. If you have an outdoor hobby like rock climbing, epic hiking, scenic mountain biking etc. that you think would look great from above, let us know!

Real Estate, both commercial and residential, seems to look better from a birds eye view. It allows a potential client to see the entire property as well as the surrounding areas. I've experience in capturing stunning videos for potential clients. A lot of our experience comes from capturing scenic properties. Depending on how interactive the client wants the video, it can be anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

Marketing videos for non-profit and for profit organizations have become something we're very interested in. If you have an agenda that needs a louder voice or image, let us know, we can help on numerous levels from brainstorming to filming.


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Juneau Alaska