About Skydancz Media

Drones are not just a side venture for me because it's becoming the hot new thing. I am very passionate in regards to drones and the industry and I try and fly everyday indoors or out. I work on my flying skills whenever I have the free time. I keep abreast to all the latest and greatest in regards to camera drones, racing drones, video editing software and anything related to gadgetry and aviation. I would like to separate myself with the editing process. I find most people starting off with drones use really plain simple editing and nothing that makes the viewer go wow! I have recently seen several new hobby pilots using only one simple transition for there videos. I also love to fly for racing. The passion for drones runs deep and like any true drone person, I have many.


Commercial Real Estate edit under 1 minute

EnviroRail Demo

Commercial Real Estate around 4 minutes

Residential Real Estate Demo Video

Flood Damage near Adams Friendship WI

EnviroRail Crossing Cut

CPL filter

Commercial Real Estate Development Proposal

Warbler Ct Lake Redstone, La Valle WI