About Wray Grimaldi

My educational background consists of a bachelor's degree in microbiology that led to a career in clinical microbiology. During the past 20 years, my interests shifted quite a bit and I became passionate about the Antarctic. I spent time in both New Zealand and Australia pursuing Antarctic-related degrees ultimately obtaining a PhD in zoology in 2016. My research concentrated on the health and disease status of the Adelie penguin on Ross Island, Antarctica. Shifting directions once again, I completed a 500+ hour drone/ROV course in 2018. In addition to learning to pilot drones and ROVs, this course included mission planning, minor electrical and mechanical repairs, building drones and ROVs from kits, plus a 10 hour OSHA certificate. Safety was emphasized in all aspects of the course. I am currently enrolled in DARTDrone's TOP Level 1 certification and training program.


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