About 360 Virtual Drone Services

My name is Michael Jones, I am the owner and head operator of 360 Virtual Drone Company. This company was started right here in Goldsboro NC. home of the Seymour Johnson US Air Force Base.

We have been flying drones for about 3 years now and are currently certified by the FAA, an NCDOT for commercial drone use. In addition we also hold several certificates from accredited training courses and classes on real estate aerial photography. We have done work for Berkshire Hathaway, Remax, Coldwell Bankers, Verizon, Dronebase, Better Vue, Brother's Side Entertainment, Tom Wilson Investments, Edwards Commercial Real Estate, to name a few. We aim to capture stunning aerial video or photography of the property you wish to take to the next level in your marketing.

We also have a Wide area authorization for the following:
KGSB - Goldsboro, NC
KPGV - Greenville, NC
KCLT - Charlotte, NC
KRDU - Raleigh Durham, NC
And we also have the 107.29 Daylight Waiver to fly at night.

Whether it be a piece of land, a luxury home, or a prime spot of commercial real estate downtown a busy city, we have you covered. If you want your property to get the attention of buyers, the buyers you want the attention of, contact us now to schedule the flight and let's sell that property. We love shooting challenging shots, approaches, reveals etc. So please contact us if you have something challenging. We hope to hear from you soon.


Investment Properties

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Commercial Land Overlay

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Event Videography

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